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    Product Information

    The shearography principle allows for non destructive testing of compound materials (Glare, CFK, GFK). It can detect hidden defects under the surface using a dynamic or thermal load of the structure under investigation.

    Hidden defects like delaminations, cracks, debondings, inclusions, bumbs and impact damages show local discontinuities in the measurement area under laser light, when the sheared image is displayed from the system’s software.

    In contrast to conventional systems shear and phase shifting are not realized using micro-mechanical displacement of a mirror, but having at the first time an electronic spatial light modulator (SLM, Liquid-Blaze-Technology) (pat.pend.)

    The advantage of this technology is that no micro-mechanical adjustments are necessary, leading to a robust, electronical system, which is capable of fast and reproducible shear adjustment and phase shifting. In addition a fast manipulation of the wavefield is possible, which allows for other measurement principles at the same time (holography, phase retrieval, …)

    The necessary load for the object under investigation can be applied thermally or dynamically. For the dynamic load a piezo actuator is used, which is fixed with the help of a vacuum adapter on the object’s surface. The actuator mechanically induces vibrations with high energy and variable frequency into the structure.

    The thermal load is applied using an infrared lamp, which is controlled by the system.

    Scope of delivery:

    Scope of delivery:

    • Golden Eye Shearhead
    • Controller including: vacuum pump, power amplifier, frequency generator, laser driver, power supply, laptop, software, remote control
    • Option: lasermodul A or B, piezo actuator, infrared lamp

    Developed in cooperation with BIAS – Bremer Institut für angewandte Strahltechnik GmbH

    Technical Data

      Shearography sensor
    Size 250x200x80mm
    Phase Amplitude 0-360° Liquid-Blaze-Technology
    Shear adjustment 0-500 Pixel Liquid-Blaze-Technology with pixel accuracy
    Wavelength optimized on the used laser wavelength (lasermodul)
    Resolution 1388 x 1038 Pixel
    Measurement area 10x7,5mm²...1000x750mm², depending on optics and laser
    Integrated depending on application Lasercontroller, load controller, vacuum pump, thermal load, sinus generator, piezo amplifier
    Size max. 440 x 220 x 220 mm
      Remote control via cable for all functions
      Lasermodul A
    Size 140 x 75 x 60 mm
    Wavelength 806 nm
    Output power (max.) 1,8 W
    Laser class 4
      Lasermodul B
    Size 140 x 75 x 60 mm
    Wavelength 658 nm
    Output power (max.) 4x 100mW
    Laser class 1