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PPU SLAT FLAP Position identification unit

Product information

The PPU identification unit records the angle position of a connected synchro with a resolution of 16 Bit, displays the angle with a resolution of 0.1 deg and makes the measured values available on analog and digital output channels.
The exciting voltage for the angle transmitter can be provided by an internal generator or even looped in externally.
The output signal of the internal generator can be switched 400 c/s or 2,5 kc/s.


An analog/digital converter with 16 Bit resolution which follows a passive synchro converter, converts the 3 signal voltages representing the actual angle that are provided by the angle transmitter into a digital word.

This data word is exported without any further processing on a potential free interface.
The A/D converter is a so called „tracking converter“, i.e. it delivers the correct angle position at any time, while the signal source runs at constant angle speed.
The measurement frequency can be configured between 100 .. 2500/s.
With the same rate the angle is converted into an analogue signal with a value from 0 to 10V.
A subset of the angle data is converted into an ASCII string and made available at the potential free serial interface. The data are depicted with reduced resolution on the display with a refresh rate up to 10 Hz.
An internal accumulator makes the device independent from line voltage.
The charge condition is monitored and a red LED indicates low voltage of the accumulator.

The device will be delivered including a calibration protocol, a complete documentation and in a carrying case.




Technical data

Dimensions 300 x 260 x 100mm
Color RAL 1013
Input voltage 230V AC ca. 15VA
intern: ACCU 12V 7Ah ca. 8h
Interface Panel mounted plugin, DIN 51524
Display 8-character digital, 12,7mm, LCD, iluminated
Converter Synchro / digital 16 Bit, digital/analog 16 Bit
Accuracy 0,02%
Excitation 400 Hz; 2,5 kHz; switchable; 26V RMS max. 5VA