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Surface Analyzer

Deflectometry System

Product Information

The measurement principle of deflectometry is based on the reflection of regular geometrical pattern on the object´s surface which is under inspection.

The shape of the object´s surface leads to a distortion of the reflected pattern. The distortion is detected using a camera. The resulting measurement data are the local surface angle. The data can be used to calculate the surface gradients, local curvature or the 3D-shape of the object.

The main part of the setup is a LCD-monitor, which is used as coordinate area. Different image pattern with regular fringes are displayed and captured with the help of a camera.

The advantages of this measurement principle are as follows: High resolution (nanometer-scale); robust against environmental disturbances like vibrations – hence usually no optical table is needed.

The measurement system can be fixed in any direction (horizontal/vertical) on an object´s surface using vacuum feet.

A touch screen is mounted on the upper side of the system. The software user interface is easy to use and allows the execution of a measurement as well as the evaluation of the measurement data.

The evaluation includes different criteria like texture, curvature, defect analysis, waviness and orange peel. For all criteria the user can set individual limits. When these limits are overrun the corresponding areas are marked in red.


The system can be adapted to special applications:

  • Inspection of laquer surfaces
  • Detection of bumps an dents on automobiles (hail, accidents, quality control,…)
  • Documentation of structural changes during longterm tests
  • Surface inspection of moulded parts (quality control)

Technical Data

Housing Combined carbon fibre reinforced plastic/aluminium profile housing with integrated touch screen, fixture on object's surface using vacuum feet
Power supply Accumulator (12V and/or mains supply 230V, 50Hz)
Camera CCD 1624x1234 pixel, frame rate: 14Hz
Size B330 x L290 x H315mm
Measurement area approx 75x60mm
Depth resolution <10nm
Curvature <0.05D
Measurement time 5...100s