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WiMo - Outer Wing Metrology

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Streifenprojektionssystem zur Vermessung des Toolings zur Flügelfertigung
  • [Translate to Englisch:] Visualisierung von kleinen Oberflächenunebenheiten (<0,2mm).

A wing segment with a length of about 10m, and their production tools should be measured with high resulution over the entire surface to detect ripples and other errors in the range of  micrometers.

For that purpose the fringe projection system "VEW Stereocam" was adapted to the measuring task by adding a laser tracker that transfers the point cloud of the individual measuring fields with a size of approximately 1 m² in a global coordinate systemup to 1000m².

The measurement uncertainty of the system is about 10 microns.

Due to the high measuring point density, it is possible to detect ripples in millimeter and submillimeter range with very different longitudinal expansion.

Up to now measuring campaigns at different production sites are performed in order to secure the high quality standards in the manufacture of wings and avoid deviation.


Project Information

Funding authority EU, Grant Agreement Number-286745
runtime 01.04.2011 – 31.12.2015
Target VEW Development of a measurement system for measuring a wing and determination of waviness, cracks, roughness