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VEW 74451-A1128 RED

Position indicator

Product Information

The Redesign of the analog position indicator can be used on the actuating drive alternatively instead of the original Sipos-actuator technology.
It's plug-and-play compatible.
The device converts a rotary motion to a load-independent direct current, proportional to the rotation angle.
The position indicator is designed for two- or three-wire-connections and provides a load-independent output current of 4 to 20mA, 0/4 to 20mA, respectively, depending on the rotation angle .
The rotary motion works on the analog phase angle through the driving gear wheel, which is connected to the phase angle by a slip clutch.
Due to the slip clutch, between driving wheel and control dial with phase angle, both positions can be adjusted relative to each other.

Electric connection:
2-wire-operation. Out: 4 to 20mA. In: 12V to 30V DC
3-wire-operation, Out: 0/4 to 20mA. In: 18 to 30V DC

The contact assignment is placed on the front side.
Connection requirement:
3 blade reptacles MS2,8x0,5.

There's a slide switch on the frontside for electric reversal of the
output signal.
Normal operation  = increasing output current with clockwise rotation, decreasing output current with counter-clockwise rotation, respectively.
Reversed = increasing output current with counter-clockwise rotation, decreasing current with clockwise rotation, respectively.

Technical data

Supply voltage nom. 24V DC (15...30V)
Hub At the pestle of the LVDT 0...3,75mm
Output 0...20mA = 0...3,75mm, reversible with switch
Working restistance ≤50x (Ub-5)Ω
Current consumption Iout, +20mA
Amplification adjustable
Housing 65x55x21mm (like original)
Connector 3x MS 2,8x0,5 (like original)