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Protection device/switchgear control

Product information

The module AS11 of the control system ISKAMATIK B can be replaced, pin and function compatible, by a redesign.

All special functions of the logic components S132, S133, S134, S135, and S137, which are not commercially available any more, have been implemented in a CPLD, so the original unavailable modules can be replaced “plug and play” by the redesign modules.

The output circuitry (S237, S238, S240) has been descret-designed with especially solid components.

All control and signalling functions of the system remain totally unchanged, as well as the command section, the binary signal processing part, the signalling system and the monitoring system.

In the monitoring system the watchdog timer can be set precisely by the user by encoded switching jumpers.
Preset 10S.

The reliability of the original modules is being met and surpassed, respectively, by the redesigns and their high-class processing of most modern, highly reliable and significantly oversized modules.

Active protection structures provide overload and short-circuit protection as well as overvoltage-proof inputs.

Delivery with documentation and individual test report, ex stock.

Trial samples available on demand.


Data sheet

Technical data

PCB-card 100 x 160mm
1,5mm, Epoxyd Fr4, plated
Plug-in DIN 41612 F48
Frontplate like Siemens 8TE, 3HE
Supply voltage 24V DC, nom. Typ 190mA
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