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Product Information

The original H&B AV07 module has a plug-and-play replacement in the VEW AV07 RED redesign.

 The AV07 Contact Scan provides three UV1 to UV3 binary signals protecting by 0.1A fuses of Si1 to Si3 for a contact supply.

The +24V/-24V-DC-DC converter generates a stabilized 24V voltage with triple redundancy. A contact thus activates the +24V using a resistance against the –24V.

The contact current is 4 mA on an unencumbered outlet.

The contact signals are available twice and decouple over diodes.

The contact creation is measured on the front plate socket.

The H signal is transmitted for an activated contact. The diodes are blocked for opened contacts; an connected consumer thus “sees” on open inlet (L signal), however 24V is measured on the relevant socket.

To make sure the fuses for a zero connection can recognize contact of feeds at any position clearly, the length of the two line contacts of 0.5mm² Cu should be < 500m.

The monitoring logic is supplied with quadruple redundancy (US from LZ02).

The S1 to S3 LED displays tripping of fuses individually and the failure of the -24V jointly with 2Hz blinking. At the same time a standard fault notification S (static) / SI (pulse notification) is issued to LZ01.

The light emitting diodes are jointly tested using the LTS (cabinet lamp test).


Technical Data

Supply voltage UV +24V (19...33V); US +24V (19...33V)
Fuse 3x 5x20mm; 0,1AmT
Power input UV/US ca. 15mA + LTS + load current + 10mA/closed contact
Input H = +24V; L = 0V
Output H = +24V; L = 0V
Pulse 50ms (typ)
Contact supply UV 1...3 +24V