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Fuse and 3-Channel Analog Distributor

Product Information

The redesign of the original AV97(H&B) module is used to secure the 24V supply voltage for 4 line measuring transducer and field devices as well as other signal conditioners with an output of 0…20mA.

The module provides the passive distribution of the 0…20MA analog signal for various receivers (writers, GW notification, etc.)

The redesign can be installed plug-and-play and completely compatible with the original module.

Three channels are available as analog distributor in a module; each channel has a fuse for the supply voltage.

The 0...20 mA output signal is transmitted to the signal receiver using a Zener diode chain.

The permitted load impedance on the outlets needs to be complied with for the Zener diodes.

If the receiver is not needed, the corresponding outlet shall be shut off to prevent the Zener voltage from unnecessarily burdening the measuring transducer.

When the analog distributor is used to maximum capacity no more than one signal receiver can be separated.

The standard error signal part of the AV97 RED shall issue the collective “Fault” notice statically (S) and dynamically (SI):

- if the UV supply voltage fails

- in the event of an AV97 RED fuse being triggered from a short circuit

In the event of a fault, the LZ01 signal logic module with will receive the static notice S and the pulse notice SI from the fault notice part. In addition a second pulse outlet is available for an individual evaluation.

Faults shall be be displayed according channel with 2Hz blinking light in the corresponding LED. LED functionality can then be tested with the LTS signal (lamp test cabinet).

Technical Data

Supply voltage UV +24V (19...33V); US +24V (19...33V)
Fuse 3x 5x20mm; 0,5AmT
Power input UV/US ca. 10mA + LTS + load current
Input H = +24V; L = 0V
Output H = +24V; L = 0V
Pulse 50ms (typ)
Analogue in/out 0...20mA
Load voltage max. 14,5V