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Product Information

The LU370 power controller in the DECONTROL K control system has been discontinued.
To maintain the operation of the extremely reliable, robust and easily serviced device insert, replacement modules are often no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer ABB/BBC.
The replacement module redesign acts as a pin compatible and function compatible plug-and-play replacement.
The service of the equipment insert is very easy, as the side of the insert can be removed without any tools and the central control module can be removed for replacement after two screws have been removed.
The module is connected with a plug and can easily be swinged out and replaced with the redesign module.
The insert essentially contains three electronic modules, which are easily replaced as mentioned above:

  • The cooler with thyristor set, replaceable pre-wired
  • The power supply function block with two transformers
  • The control electronics

All modules in the device are easily accessible, easy to remove and connected with plugs making repair and restarting possible with a replacement of the module.

The LU370 original device is used as a power controller at up to 5.5 kW for three-phase asynchronous motors preferably for actuators in inter-mittent mode.
The rotation direction is controlled by phase exchange of the antiparallel configured thyristor groups. The input commands are mutually blocked in the control module using an upstream circuit.
Implausible input signals block the commands to the thryistors.
The control module also includes the monitoring sensors for:

  • Blocked armatures
  • Overload
  • Wire damage in the motor temperature monitoring
  • The failure of a power phase
  • Over and under voltage monitoring
  • Temperature accumulation
  • Excessively high ambient temperature

as well as the setting of the braking time with direct current brake.
All the functions of the original device are still available after replacement with a redesigned module.

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