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The use of LUVO sensors require a precise determination of the installation depth of the probe pipe to the LUVO radial seal.
Imprecision in the measurement of the installation depth generates imprecise measurements of the gap between the radial seal and rotor and may lead to the destructions of the LUVO sensor head should it come in contact with the rotor.

The intended depth is 963 mm.

The LUVO scope is composed of an aluminium pipe (Æ 25) with a calibrated depth standard (A) of 800…1000mm over which a spring loaded, moveable stopper is driven (B).

The tube contains a second moveable tube (Æ 20) with CMOS camera (C) installed on the tip and a dimmable inspection light.

The hand-held area of the LUVO Scope has a viewer with a 5 x 3.5 cm LCD screen (D), as well as control elements for “live” picture, “movie” and individual photo storage.
The screen on a completely retracted LUVO scope depicts the inspection field at a scale of 1:1.

If the LUVO scope is not completely extended, the picture section will expand until limited by the outer edge of the pipe.
The LUVO Scope makes a precise measurement of the installation depth possible as well as a visual inspection of the installation conditions directly on the LUVO radial seal.


Data sheet LUVO-Scope


Data sheet Electronic components for LUVO-probes

Technical data

Depth measuring tool 800-1000mm
Display 5x3,5cm LCD-display
Pictures live-pictures, movie and individual photo storage
Camera CMOS color-camera integrated, dimmable inspection light
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