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Bulk memory for the non-volatile storage of data

Product information

The PMM30 hard-disk storage contains the Quantum Prodrive 80S as well as an integrated SCSI controller. The information exchange between the controller and the relevant station is controlled by the PCP 06 processor in the bulk memory via a SCSI interface.
When operating in the "compatible mode" via the plate coupler PMK 24 the memory volume of the drive is limited to 16 Mbytes.
In this combination the PMM 30 can be used instead of the previous bulk memory.
The controller comes with a microprocessor and processes the exchange of command information and data transfers with the disk drive.
The SCSI interface (Small-Computer-System-Interface) is a parallel interface with bus structure in accordance with ANSI X3.131-1986 standard. The interface is suitable can't be connected to several bus partners.
The controller's tasks include the entry of internal files and sectors, detecting and correcting errors and the automated switching of the read-write heads.
The essential functions of the hard disk are continuously monitored, and detected errors are corrected if possible.
The hard disk status is sent to the system and issued as part of system notifications.
PMM 30 has an automatic bad-block treatment.
Data blocks on the hard disc, which have errors detected upon delivery, during formatting and operation are then saved in PMM 30 on substitute adresses.
The PMM 30 hard disk is installed in the PGM98 magazine.
The PVM 31 magazine power supply provides voltages 5V DC and 12 V DC.
The connection between PMM30 and PCB06 is created using the front-side plug on both modules with the help of a 25 pole PZ330 connection cable.
The second plug on PMM30 is for connection of other devices to the SCSI bus. When not in use a PZ730 SCSI bus cap plug needs to be inserted.
The power supply for PMM30 is connected via the socket strip on the back side of the adapter card.



Technical data

Capacity 84MB, formated
Files max. 65536
Interface SCSI to MSP PCB06
Transfer Rate 2 MB/S
Outline 19'' insert 36TE, 3HE, 220 depht frontplate RAL 7044
Accesstime 19mS
Start time 13S (max. 18S)
Supply +5V DC; 12V DC, 05A
Option Even available with higher capacity
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