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Product Information

The redesign of the VV01 module from the original equipment manufacturer H&B can be replaced with a plug-and-play module thanks to the redesign of the VV01 RED.

The VEW VV01 RED is used to secure the supply voltage from auxiliary circuits, which are not functionally part of metering circuits, controllers and control equipment, e.g. modules with binary functions (LL01, LL02) or analogue computer functional blocks, etc.

The module may be equipped with a fuse of up to 3.15A and thus also be used if the existing fuses are not sufficient for all the modules in a control group.

The fuse is monitored.

The tripping of the fuse is signalled with a standard fault notice details, where the red "S" LED is activated and a SI current pulse SI (50 ms) is issued to LZ01.

The LED can be tested using the LTS signal (cabinet lamp test).

VV01 RED also has a triple AND gate which can be used to connect two external F release signals with UV to a collective release.

Technical Data

Supply voltage UV +24VDC
Power input 20mA plus load
Binary input H +24V; L 0V
Binary output H +24V; L 0V; 10mA, short-circuit-proof
Configuration Europe format 100x160mm, frontplate 4TE 3HE