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Calibration test device for load cells

Product description

The device configuration consists of a solid, hydraulically operated load unit and a precise electronic measuring device for displaying the load or bridge voltage and bridge supply.
The hydraulics can apply a force that is proportional to a weight of up to 7.5 t.
The force acts on a certified reference cell which is loaded in series with the test cell.
Both cells are fed with a precise bridge voltage of 5.00V.
Depending on the applied load, the proportional, standardized measured value of the reference cell and the test cell is displayed separately.
The device has a menu-driven user interface that can be used to switch between the 7MH3105xx load cells for 1.3 t; 2.8t and 6t from the manufacturer Siemens.
With the selected measuring range, the reference cell is displayed in kg, that of the test cell normalized in μV / V.
A menu-controlled 0-point compensation can take place for the test cell.
Depending on the selected measuring range, the display of the reference cell is monitored for limit values ​​so that exceeding the limit value is signaled acoustically and optically to protect the test cell. The non-amplified bridge voltages of each cell, as well as the bridge supply of the cells, are also available for control purposes at the measuring sockets on the rear of the device.
The built-in digital displays have a display range of 0 ... 7500kg (reference cell) or 0 ... 2000μV / V (test cell) with an accuracy of <0.1% ± 1 digit, so that the calibration test of a 6t cell with a resolution of 3kg / digit is possible.
The target / actual results of a calibration test can be transferred directly to the test report in μV / V and kg.

Scope of delivery:

Hydraulic testing device

Certified reference cell

Measurement and display system with controller and reference voltage source

Operator manual