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Door control unit illuminated panel

Product description

The light panels of the door control device are relatively prone to failure due to the lighting means used and are therefore expensive to maintain.

To replace the illuminants (sofa lamps), a size and function-compatible assembly was designed, which is installed “plug-and-play” in exchange.
The replacement assembly guarantees the trouble-free function of the illuminated panel with a service life of at least 10 years.

18 yellow light-emitting diodes, 9 of which are connected in series independently of one another, are used on the assembly.
The light-emitting diodes are selected with a view to uniformly high light yield and the same light color.

The supply voltage connection (nom. 24VDC) is led via a rectifier bridge so that the polarity of the connections does not have to be taken into account by the user.

The costs of the assembly are amortized after the second lamp change.

Free samples for testing are available upon request.

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Supply 20...30V DC
Power consumption 130mA nom.
Bulbs 18 x LED 5 mm
extremely bright
Light intensity approx. 5.400 mcd
Durability >10 years
Dimensions 40 x 80mm
Connection 6 x fast on 2,8/0,5