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Gate Unit VEW GV A587 RED

Product description

The original gate unit GV A587 can be replaced plug-and-play with the redesigned VEW GV A587 RED.

The redesign was developed in accordance with DIN 50155 and meets all of the requirements specified by the application.

During the new development, circuit and mechanical improvements were made to the original assembly from the manufacturer ABB:

  1. The heat dissipation of the FETs that switch the pulse currents to quench the GTO thyristors has been optimized by using 5mm aluminum profiles instead of a cooling plate that dissipate the heat to the heat sink.
  2. The energy store, which provides the pulse currents from a cluster of electrolytic capacitors, is arranged on a piggy-back assembly and can therefore be exchanged as a unit.
  3. The busbars that lead the pulse currents to the connection point are designed as a 2-sided printed circuit board with a special copper layer, which prevents a short circuit across the busbar.
  4. The connection point for the pulse current (approx. 1000A) is no longer designed as a bent sheet metal part with a loose nut, but as a connection block with a solid 5mm Cu plate, as an integral part of the circuit board.
  5. The obsolete optical input and output couplers HP 2478 and HP 1478 have been replaced by commercially available couplers for 1mm fiber optic cables.
  6. The correct function of the circuit parts can be verified on a diagnostic connector with the output of significant measured values.

Samples for testing will be available from 6/2021.
Not-Emergency repairs to the original ABB GV A587 are now possible.