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Inductive encoder 47165/2

Cable extension 47167/2

Product information

The redesign of the encoder 47165/2 can be used plug-and-play instead of the original component from the manufacturer Deuta in the specified application.
All installation dimensions, connection cables and plug connections are fully compatible with IP65 for railway applications.
The transmitter is a passive, inductive component that detects changes in the magnetic field and converts it into an equivalent analog signal.
The inductive probe of the encoder is built into a metallic, galvanized M18 threaded connector that has a hexagon with a wrench size of 24mm on the screw-on surface.
The connection piece of the sensor is guided to a high-quality screw connection with a spiral spring kink protection.
The entire connection is covered by a shrink tube with an internal hot melt adhesive and is watertight.
The connection cable is led through a spiral hose armouring. The valve seal also encloses the spiral hose.
The cable end of the probe is led to a screwable, sealed cable socket from the manufacturer Schaltbau.

The extension cable to the probe is 1.72 m (over all) long (optionally other length) and is led through a 21 mm spiral hose armouring.
It has a Schaltbau cable plug on one side, matching the cable coupling of the probe, and a Tyco plug connection with a lockable die-cast housing and modified cable outlet on the other side.
Both plug connections are waterproof IP65 with screw connections.


Data sheet


The redesign was carried out and used at:

Städtische Werke Netz + Service GmbH, Kassel/Germany

Technical data

Probe Inductive, minimum switching distance 0,127mm, threaded connector M18x1,5, wrech size 24mm
Connection cable Armored, length 72cm
Connection box Schaltbau
Cable extension Length 1,72m, armored 21mm Ø (opt. other length)
Connector Tyco
Cable connector Schaltbau
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