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Light sensor

Replacement for ,,SICK''

  • Redesign Lichttaster
  • Original vs. Replacement illuminants LM-ERS-LED
  • Relay module for TL43
  • Redesign Lichttaster

Product information

The pictured light sensor by manufacturer Sick, for door protection in trains and buses can be beneficially replaced by a compatible redesign.

The so far relatively complex adjustment of the mirror optics, which focuses the ray on the reflector, ceases with the new light sensors.
The new devices can be mounted “plug-and - play” on the designated places without any further adjustment.

The solid, black anodized aluminum cases are protected against vandalism, by dispensing with destructible front glass or lense, respectively, so malfunctions due to scratched, misted ordirty glasses or lenses are dropped.
The infrared-LEDs are deeply enough mounted in the case that aforementioned impairments are reliably eliminated.

The light sensors are constructed as unilaterally (mounting right or left) or mutually operating reflex-light sensors for prism reflectors.
The mutually operating devices have individually configurable plug-in jumpers, which make it possible to link the two independent monitoring lines with a Or-function on just one output relay or to put both sides independently on separated relays, respectively. Higly reliable relays with  3x 106 switching cycles are chosen.

The relays switch with a clear “click” to enable a good acoustic verification of perfect function on-site.
The devices are connected via one, two respectively, pluggable solid terminal strip (1,5mm2) in a significantly enlarged terminal compartment.



For operational maintenance of older original Sick-light sensors:

Replacement illuminants for Sick
When the original illuminant with low-voltage lamp may not be available anymore, a plug-and-play compatibly applicable illuminant with 2 infrared LEDs is available. Type: LM-ERS-LED.

Relay module for TL43
When the original module by Sick with 2 relays is not available anymore, the redesign of this module can be mounted via plug-and-play on the designated place in the light sensor by Sick. Type: VEW Relais TL43 RED

Sample available ex stock.


Data sheet

User manual

Technical data

Supply 18..30V DC 0,1A
Monitoring line max. 1,5m
Unilateral left, right; mutual
Dimensions 115x60x100 Ø 35mm
Output galv. separate relay 1pol.UM 2A
Function Singular, double, or or-ed
Durability > 10 years
Emitter Infrared, opening angle, appr. 15°
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