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Product description

The original system components by manufacturer BBC for the car control 10HC15...for city railway cars are to be replaced by a redesign.

The system consists of the following modules:

10VP01; 10LP01; 10VP07; 10VP06; 10KT30; 10KH30; 10VP02;

as well as the pheripheral modules with specific41pol. connectors by Amp. frontal jacks and LED-indicators.

The processor module 10VP02 with the 80186 processor has been redesigned and is now available as pin- and function-compatible substitute instead of the original module.

After a redesign all further system components can be made available as well on a long-term basis, so total preservation can be reliably ensured for 15 more years.

The software stored on the original modules in EPROM will continue to be used originally by the user.

The redesign of all further system components will be done, without limitations, fully pin- and function-compatible, but certainly the Amp-connectors of the pheripheral modules will have to still be used, because there's no pin-compatible substitute by other manufacturers available on the current market.

Alternatively, the layout of the redesign can be adjusted to DIN-connectors merchantable nowadays, but in this case the pods need ot be exchanged by the user. Alternative pods of DIN 41612F are available with lockable protective covers and LED indicators.


10VP02 RED is a commissioned development for moBiel, Stadtwerke Bielefeld and in use there.

Technical data

Mounting form 3HE 4TE, connector DIN 41612 G64
Processor Intel 80186, PGA
RAM 6264 LP10 (L15)
EPROM 2x 27C256 LP15 original
Supply 5V ±0,15V 1,2A
Front panel Schroff, 4TE, gray-beige, RAL4032