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VEW 6FH 6010-1B RED

SIBAS 16 Nominal value converter

A fully pin- and function-compatible redesign, which can be operated via plug-and-play in the prewired application instead of the original module by the manufacturer Siemens.

The nominal value converters 6FH 6010-1B Red. are built in isolated in the module rack of the ES902 system as centralized system in the Europe format with a mounting width of 6 2/3 SEP. The electrical connection is not made by a base plug-in connector in the module rack, but a plug-in connector DIN 41612 H15 on the front.
All important functions of the module are also available on isolated measuring sockets on the front plate of the device.


The nominal value transmission for all connected users of one train line takes place, independently from the distance to the sending nominal value converter, by pulse width control. The pulse width is controlled by the nominal value converter.
The transmission frequency of the pulse width signal is nominally 400Hz (-0 +10%) with a output voltage of nominal 60V (-10 ... +10%).
The PW-signal is potential-free and short-circuit-proof.
The load current must not exceed 50mA.
The pulse width at a impressed current of 0mA of the director is 7,5 % and increases linearly to 45 % at 20mA.
2 directors can be connected, of which the respective higher nominal value is being processed (maximum selection).
The pulse width signal is being connected to the train line with a 2-pole relay, when the train control device is switched on, separated when the device is being switched off, resp.
Only the nominal value converter may be active in the driver's cab.
In addition to the function ,,nominal value converter'' the device provides electrically isolated output voltages of 24V 150mA and 60V 90mA.
The voltage of 60V serves the transmission of train commands, the voltage of 24V serves as power supply for the commander of nominal values of the drive and brake.
This voltage also supplies the relay for switching on the PW-signal as well as the lamp U ON, so the PW-signal is only switched on when the directors have a operating voltage and U ON is active.


Data sheet

Technical data

Dimensions 100x160mm; 6 2/3 SEP
Plug-in DIN 41612 H15
Supply voltage 24V DC nom. 2A
Output PW Pulse width 60V, nom. 400Hz, PW 7,5...45% bei 0...20mA
Output DC 24V 150mA, 60V 90mA
Desired value input 2x, 500 Ohm 0...10V = 0...20mA
Temp. range -25 … +70°C
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