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Product Information

The analog angle of rotation sensor 6KA9251 by manufacturer Siemens can be plug-and-play replaced, by an electrically and mechanically compatible new development.
The angles of rotation function is analog. The linear actual value sensor translates the angularity of the 6mm control shaft into a 10V-output signal (max. 12V) with impressed direct current of 0...20mA (optional 4...20mA).

Load resistor <=500Ω (max. 600Ω)

The operating range of the standard version is linear with a trapezoidal
curve profile of:
20mA = -116° ...-24° = 0mA alternatively +24° = 0mA ... 20mA = +116°

A dial with angle markings is located on the control shaft.
The control shaft's 0-position is marked by the axis flattening of the shaft and the cam disc as well as by a single marking hole at the casings collar.
At 0-position, there's a 0mA output current at an angularity of -24° to +24°.

The angles of rotation are being used as servos and brake units in rail vehicles, to control TRAM and subway as well as for slewing systems and hoists of conveyor systems (cranes, excavator, etc.)
At disposal are optional different curve profiles as well as a life-zero-output with 4---20mA. Optional curve profiles are feasible.
There's no limit by the rotation of the control shaft's angle of rotation.


Technical Data

Power supply nom. 24VDC (18...33V)
Output impressed current 0...20mA ±24°...±116°
Linearity <0,5% in the range of 24...116°
Angle of rotation unlimited
Control shaft Ø6mm (different Ø optional) with cam disc
Connection Screw connector terminal, opt. plug connector
Casing Ø60mm +0 -0,5mm with colar Ø62mm black-anodized
Operating temperature -30...+70°C
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