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Product Information

The Isolation Amplifier 6KA9905 RED is a complete mount and function-compatible redesign of the no longer available model from the original equipment manufacturer Siemens.

The device is assembled in a hermetically sealed plastic housing for panel surface mounting with the assembly flange dimensions 85 x 80 mm, in accordance with the mounting hole clearance of 65 x 68 mm (M4).

The terminal assignment corresponds to the original module.

The isolation amplifier provides amplification in two ranges, which can be selected by divergent clamping.

The bridges between KL. 8 and KL. 9 range 60 m V//10V and KL. 6 and KL. 7 range 150 m V//10V, which are required for the original module, are not required in the redesign.

The galvanic isolation with max. 1000 V is situated between the input and the output of the device.

The output is connected to the ground of the supply voltage and supplies +/- 10 V at a maximum load of 5 mA.

The supply voltage amounts to nominal + 18 …36 V ; however, the device can also be wired with + / - 24 V.

The terminal - 24 V is not internally connected.

The frequency range amounts to 800Hz -3 dB or rather 600Hz -3dB.

Data sheet


Technical Data

Input 4 ranges; 10V; 225V; 450V; 600V
Input resistance INenn 0,83mA
Output +/- 10V (5mA)
Isolation voltage input // output 1000V
Frequency range 600Hz -3dB
Supply voltage +18...36V (+/- 24VDC)
Meantime by failure 1.000.000h
Dimensions 85 x 80 x 140mm
Assembly bore holes 65 x 68mm, M4 (M5)
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