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IGBT-trigger modules

Product Information

The original trigger modules for each 3 IGBT's in converters by Siemens are replaceable by a fully plug and play compatible redesign.
The originally built-in ceramic hybrid circuit has been newly developed by a double-sided fitted redesign in SMD-technology.
Even this original hybrid circuit A5E-02035497 is replaceable by this redesign, in exchange for the original module, fully pin- and function-compatible.
The VEW-A5E is mounted directly on the IGBT's with M4-screws and is put at high voltage potential this way.
One phase module will be triggered by a module A5E „top“ as well as by a module A5E „bottom“. The modules' function is identical, the mechanical structure is mirrored.
The modules' power supply happens electrically isolated by a ferrite transformer. The transformer is designed for a testing voltage of 5kV.
The modules' control and feedback signals are transmitted by fibre optic cable (LWL1000).
With too wide control pulses (via fibre optic cable) as well as with a surge in the IGBT (measuring input terminal X1), the IGBT will be shut down.
Furthermore, the circuit of the A5E commands a over- and undervoltage detection of the internal A5E operating voltage.
Constructively, the A5E consist of a power element and a control element.
The control element is implemented on the SMD-module which replaces the original ceramic-hybrid-module A5E 02035497.
The A5E is put in by pairs „up and down“ in traction inverters.

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Data sheet

Technische Daten

Supply ±8,5Vs ... ±11,0Vs 100kHz rectangle
Undervoltage detection ≤±8,2Vs supply resp. ≤±18V P24/N24V on A5E
Current consumption approx. ±150mA Ruhe, ca. ±350mA Last 3 IGBTs
Over voltage detection >+1400V ... +1600V UCE IGBT
Displays LED gn P24V and N24V
LED ge Signal LWL-IN (R)
LED rt IGBTs connected and tpuls 3,2µS...11µs
and fpuls >1KHz...10kHz and UCE <+1400V
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