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Power supply 110//24V 2A for railway applications

Product Information

The VEW redesign of the DZL-01 power supply unit can be used instead of the original module plug-and-play in the specified application.
The VEW DZL-01 RED provides a power of max. 50VA, with a nominal input voltage of 110V DC, galvanically isolated from the output voltage of 24V DC, max. 2A.
The VEW DZL-01 RED complies with the railway standard IEC571-EN50155.

The structure is available in 2 versions:
1. open-frame, chassis mounting, without front panel
     Connector: Metrimate-6 Amphenol
     Construction height: <30mm
2. 19 "3HE plug-in module, with front panel 6TE or 8TE, Siemens
     Connector: DIN 41612 H15
     Measuring sockets: Uout
     Operation LED: green UA
     Operation LED: red Uin

The redesign has been optimized by a factor of 5 compared to the original module with regard to the interference voltage level at the output.



Technical Data

Input voltage nom. 110V DC, range: +66...110V...+160V
Output voltage nom. 24V DC, galvanically isolated
Output current max. 2A
Interference voltage at IA 2A <= 200mV ss
Option 1 open-frame,without front panel
Connector Amphenol, Metrimate 6
Option 2 19" 3HE plug-in assembly
Connector DIN 41612 H15
Front panel Siemens 6TE (or 8TE)
LEDs Vin red, Vout green
Dimensions Europeformate 100x160mm, height <30mm
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