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VEW E44010-A5700 L02C RED

Product Information

Requirements have been made tougher for electrical and electronic equipment in public transit vehicles in terms of life, reliability, freedom from faults, long-term operations and availability.

This power supply as a redesign of the original Siemens module meets or exceeds the fundamental standards (EN 60950, Ul60950).

The devices are made to be a pin compatible and functionally compatible replacement for the Siemens DC/DC converter E44010 A5700 L02 CIt has a modular structure.

The input modules for galvanically separating the input/output voltage are designed for a nominal 24 DC currentSeparation voltage UE//UA 1500V.

The working ranges of the DC/DC converter modules range from 16V to 36V and the modules are also equipped with active transient protection, which safely eliminates the specified overvoltage (for 20mS) of two times the nominal input voltage of up to 48V and transients of up to 1000V//50µs.

The module has diverse voltage and current monitoring circuits which are set to low levels at the binary outlets if:

  • the input voltage is <UE min or the output voltage is > IA
  • the output voltage < or > UA planned, the light diode will extinguish
  • on the front plate
  • the load current exceeds the maximum value 2A, or the input voltage fails to reachthe UE value, the status shall be stored and issued via a binary outlet.

The MTBF of the DC/DC-converter module is > 350,000 h, which meets the life requirements for railway equipment of 24/d for 30a.

The 19” 3HE insert meets the requirements for vehicle applications and is extremely robust and can resist a vibration load on three axels with and amplitude of 7.5mm at 5-150Hz and acceleration of 20m/s².


Data sheet


Technical data

PCB-card 100x160mm
Frontplate 9TE 3HE, Siemens, with handle
Plug-in DIN 41612 24F + 7H, z+b+d
Supply voltage nom. 24 DC, min. 10V DC, max. 35V DC
Power max. 30VA
Efficiency ca. 85%
Temperature range -40... +85°C, derating from 60°C
Output 15V DC; 2A, galvanic separate to UE
Controls/control output UE < UE min; UA < UA soll; UA > UA soll; IA > IA max with memory function
Remote input UA off
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