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Current transformer

Product information

The current transformer LT500S made by the manufacturer LEM can be completely replaced in terms of dimensions, function and connection through the redesign VEW LT500S RED.
The housing is made of polyamide for railway requirements, conforms to EN50155 and UL94-V0 and fulfills the fire protection class for railway standards.
The current transformer VEW LT500S RED is suitable for the galvanically isolated measurement of DC, AC and pulse currents in the range of 0 ... 500A and up to 0 ... ± 1200A.
The measuring range depends on the supply voltage and the secondary resistance stood RM of the measuring circle.
RM = "measuring resistance"

Supply                                                   RM
±15V measuring range ±  500Amax   0...30Ω
±15V measuring range ±  900Amax   0...   8Ω
±24V measuring range ±  500Amax 10...60Ω
±24V measuring range ±1200Amax 10...17Ω

The transfer ratio KN is 1: 2000.
The primary / secondary insulation voltage is> 6kV.


Samples available from stock.


Data sheet

Technical Data

Supply ±15V DC... ±24V DC
Measuring range DC, AC, puls peak 0...±500A, up to 0...±1200A
Bushing Ø27mm, center hole 38mm above mounting plate
Circuit points 3x M5 bolt ±15...24V, M
RM 0...30Ω to ±500A ±15V, 10...17Ω to ±24V ±1200A
Accuracy XG <± 0,5% (TA 25°C)
Lineary error <0,1%
Rate of current rise di/dt >100A/µs
Bandwidth DC...100kHz - 1db
Ambient temperature -40...+85°C
Standards EN50155: 2007; EN50121-3-2:2006
Housing UL94-VO, polyamide, tecamid
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