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Position indicator VEW K7849-71P A540392 RED

Technical description

The position indicator K7849-71, A540392 respectively, by manufacturer Siemens are no longer available.

Alternatively there is a fully measure- and function-compatible Redesign VEW K7849-71P.


The positioner scans the rim of a metallic lock washer inductively in the given application.

The smallest tooth-gap-distance is 4mm with a depth of 4mm and a maximum tooth-gap-frequence of 1200Hz.
The distance between the active sensor surface and the tooth’s target should not exceed 1,0mm.

The output signal “A” with the plug identification “green” is N-shifting, meaning the signal changes when passing the target to 0V (GND), measured against +24V (UB).
The supply voltage is not less than 10V DC max. 30V DC (nom. 24V).
The load current may be 60mA R-load.
The output connectors are designed for AMP-sockets.
The positioners can be used in a temperature range of -25°C to +70°C.
The mounting adjustment is done with a 20mm clamp connection at the rim of the device.

When the given installation geometry makes an adjustment with a distance of 1,0mm to the target of the lock washer impossible, an according modification has to be made to ensure faultless function.

Switching distance >1mm leads to count loss!

Technical data

Design round 20mm Length: 45mm; 24mm L32mm; Length: 77mm; Brazen/ Alumnium
Sensor surface 4mm Ø
Reacting distance 1mm ± 0,2mm
Switching behavior N
Supply nom. 24V DC, 10V ... 30V
Load current max. 0,06A, R-Load
Ambient temperature -25°C ...max. +70°C
Frequency max. 1200Hz
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