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Product Information

The VEW TA600 current converter is a redesign of the TA600XBFHN1N current converter from ABB and fully dimensionally compatible and functionally compatible.

The device is suitable for measuring DC, AC and pulse currents of up to 1200A.

The nominal measurement range is 600A in the primary electrical circuit.
The measured current is implemented at a ratio of 1/5000 in the secondary circuit and galvanically isolated.
The precision in the nominal range is at <1% in the frequency range from DC to 1kHz.
The test voltage for the galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary circuit is >12 kV.
The secondary connections are placed on M5 screw bolts with colour coding, the primary connections on 60 x 5 mm copper busbars.
The current flow direction is important in primary connections, as the signal for the secondary circuit will be the inverse of the current directions.
The device comes in a monoblock fully plastic housing, which has internal chamber isolation.
The supply voltage of ±15...36V (nom.24V) is connected to the insulated screw bolts on the front plate (+= red, - = blue).
The metering signal in the secondary circuit is available on the M 4 screw bold (sw) depending on the current direction with corresponding polarity countering the GND. The E screw bolts (yellow) connect to the shield of a protected metering line.

Data sheet

Technical Data

Dimension Case approx.: 70 x 132 x 110mm

bus bar, copper: 60 x 5 x 210mm
Supply ±24V nom. Range: ±15...36V
Measuring range nom. 0...600A, max. 0...1200A primary
Turn ratio primary//secondary 1/5000
Rp primary <0,01 Ohm
Rs secondary nom. 40 Ohm
Accuracy <1% DC...1KHz (DC, AC, Impuls)
Isolation primary//secondary 12kV
Operating temperature -25°C ... +60°C
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