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8-Channel RTD / Voltage Digitizer

Model 6028


  • Differential Input

  • Four-Pole Filter, 10Hz to 5kHz

  • Simultaneous Sample & Hold

  • 16-Bit ADC Resolution

  • 100K Samples per Second

  • Programmable Warnings and Alarms

  • Continuous Analog Outputs


The 6028 has eight channels of analog-to-digital converter with simultaneous sample and holds for digitizing and recording high-level voltage signals. It is most often used with signal conditioning amplifiers and other analog test equipment to digitize their outputs for acquisition and recording in Series 6000 data acquisition systems.

Specifications Model 6028

Input 2-wire differential with shield. ±2mV to ±10 Volts full scale. Input protected to ±50Volts.
Gains 1 ±0.05%. Stability is ±0.01%, ±0.005%/°C.
Zero Automatic, ±1mV, ±0.02mV/°C.
Common Mode 80dB, DC to 60Hz, ±10 Volts, protected to ±50 Volts.
Bandwidth 50kHz bandwidth. Slew rate is 0.3V/µS.
Filter Four-pole, Bessel low-pass filter with plug-in modules for 100Hz to 20kHz, 1kHz supplied.
Sampling Up to 100K samples per second per channel. Time correlation is ±50nS channel to channel.
ADC 16-bits, two’s complement output.
Analog Output Unfiltered, ±10 Volts full scale.
Connectors Inputs, 50-pin Type D. Outputs, 9-pin Type D.
Screw Terminal Adapter Model 6081 installs on the front of 6028 and provides screw terminal connections for inputs and outputs.


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