Digital Input / Output

Model 6040


  • 16 Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • Compatible with TTL and CMOS

  • Optic Isolated Inputs (6040-2)

  • Form C Relay Outputs (6040-2)

  • Programmable Glitch Capture

  • Self Test Mode

  • Input / Output Status Display


The 6040 provides 16 digital inputs and outputs for event recording and generation.

The basic version, 6040-1, is compatible with TTL and CMOS logic levels. The 6040-2 has optic isolated inputs and form C relay outputs. It also has a +12VDC isolated power supply for use with control circuits that activate the isolated optic inputs. The 6040 maybe combined with other Series 6000 signal conditioning in turnkey data acquisition and control systems.

State of the inputs is normally captured at the time of sampling. The alternate glitch capture mode gives a true state if a 100ns or wider pulse occurred since the channel was last sampled. Inputs are monitored for up to three alarm conditions. Board locations are provided for the installation of input filter components.

Specifications Model 6040

Number 16
Sampling Programmable using the system sample rates.
Glitch Capture Program enable to capture events of 100nS or longer.
Alarms Continuous monitoring for specified bit patterns, consisting of high, low and masked bits, for warning, alarm and general alarm.
Connector 50-pin Type D, Subminiature.
  Logic Levels
6040-1 CMOS. On is +4.8 Volts minimum; off is +0.15 Volts maximum from 1K Ohm source impedance.
6040-2 One set of form C contacts, 2A at 30 VDC. Maximum voltage is 220VDC.
Number 50-socket Type D, Subminiature.
Connector 16-bits, two’s complement output.
  Isolated Power (Provided on the 6040-2 only)
Output 12VDC, ±1%, 1.25A maximum.
Isolation 750 Volts, DC.


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