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PPU SLAT FLAP Position identification unit

Product information

The PPU angle reader records the angular position of a connected Synchro with a resolution of 16 bits and displays this on an 8-digit digital display with a display range of 0 to 359.99°.


In addition, the angle is output with a resolution of 15 bits in analogue 0..10V.


Depending on the application, the connected Synchro can be operated with an external  excitation voltage or also with an excitation voltage provided internally by  the device.


The internal excitation voltage is switchable between 400 Hz and 2.5 kHz. The output voltage is 26V RMS.


The devices are specially equipped for adjusting and checking the slat-flap system on the Airbus 320 and can therefore also be powered from an internal 7Ah battery.


A battery voltage monitor indicates the charge status of the battery (please charge if "red")


The BATT. green indicator lights up as soon as the device is connected to the mains. The battery is charged even if the mains switch is not switched on. The mains switch lights up "orange" when the device is switched on.


An A/D converter with 16-bit resolution, preceded by a passive synchro resolver network converts the 3-signal voltages supplied by the synchro angle encoder into a digital data word.


The A/D converter is a "tracking converter" which, at a constant angular velocity of the signal source always delivers the correct angular data word at all times.


The measuring rate of the conversion is configurable between 100...2500/second. The angle is also delivered in analogue form at the set measuring rate.


A subset of the angle data is shown in the 8-digit display with a refresh rate of 10/second.




Technical data

Dimensions 300 x 260 x 100mm, protective case included
Color RAL 1013
Input voltage 230V AC ca. 15VA
intern: ACCU 12V 7Ah ca. 8h
Interface Panel mounted plugin, DIN 51524
Display 8-character digital, 12,7mm, LCD, iluminated
Converter Synchro / digital 16 Bit, digital/analog 15 Bit
Accuracy 0,05% = 0,18°, typ. 0.02!
Excitation 400 Hz; 2,5 kHz; switchable; 26V RMS max. 5VA