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Fringe Projection Systems

  • Stereo-Cam on tripod
  • Investigation of an aircraft wing regarding waviness
  • Fixture for retroreflectors

The VEW Stereo-Cam allows for 3D-measuring of any freeform surfaces.

Product Information

Our Stereo-Cam is a flexible fringe projection system, which can be adapted regarding all relevant parameters (Sensitivity, size of measurement area, resolution, adaption to object´s shape, illumination strategies, etc.) to the requirements of the measurement procedure. If necessary, more cameras can be added to acquire as much as possible from the object´s surface in one measurement and to avoid shadowing effects.

For large measurement areas, which have to be measured with high resolution, the Stereo-Cam can be refitted with retroreflectors, which can be registered using a laser tracker.

In this combination measurement data of different areas of the object can be merged in on coordinate system without using reference points on the object´s surface.


The Stereo-Cam can be used in different applications using several software moduls:

  • Research and Development / Teaching
    • User programmable filters and measurement sequences can be integrated into the software “Fringe Processor”
    • User control of all parts of a measurement sequence
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Assistance during measurement up to the ready dimensioned CAD-drawing
  • Rapid-Prototyping
    • Direct input of measurement data into rapid-prototyping machines for manufacturing of models
    • Generation of milling data for CNC-machines from the measurement data
  • Quality Control / Inspection
    • Comparison of measurement data with CAD-data
    • Many possibilities using additional commercial software, i.e. Geomagic Qualify
  • Art work / Archaeology
    • 3D-acquision of the topography of art work (busts, monuments,…) for example for using the data in the web or for documentation of the erosion of monuments.
    • Documentation of place of discovery during archaeological excavations


You have a special application? Describe your problem, we will find a solution.

Technical Data

Measurement principle housing Fringe projection, phase measurement
Warp resistant aluminium housing in combination with carbon fibre reinforced thermal stable pipe
Size: depending on measurement area including tripod with quick hitch
Measurement diagonal resolution 200…2000mm
lateral size of measurement area ./. number of camera pixels (1-5 MPixel)
Depth: Measurement width ./. 10.000
Projector 1-8 MPixel
Digital interface
Light source: up to 4000 ANSI Lumen
Camera 12 bit
1-5 MPixel