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Video-Datastorage for GSP-System DIVIS2-P6/2

Product description

The digital video surveillance systems DIVIS2-P6 / 2 from GSP in public transport vehicles use slide-in modules with an integrated IDE controller and a formatted hard disk.
Alternatively, a redesign is available for replacement.
A dimensionally compatible plastic cassette contains a formatted hard disk, a special IDE controller
as well as an optimized circuit board with R-C termination of the flat cable.
The interface to the system is with a 36 pin SCSI connector designed pin-compatible.
The cassette can be locked in the slot.
It is pulled out using a flexible pull loop.

The VEW Video data storage is plug and play in the target system play compatible and very reliable.

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Technical data

Supply +5V DC, approx 0,3A, via the SCSI system plug
Hard disk 256GB, for high reliability and service life
Formatting 1. Partition primary 133MB FAT16, Name: DOS7
  2. Partition extended/logical, 120GB FAT32, Name: Daten
Option The formatting can be done according to the target system.
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