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6+6 AND/OR Gates

Product Information

The LL01 module from the original equipment manufacturer H&B can be replaced plug-and-play thanks to the redesign of the LL01 RED.

The VEW LL01 RED module contains 6 binary AND gates and 6 binary OR gates each with 2 to 4 inlets.

The module serves to connect the binary signals in accordance with a randomly selected logic function by the user in accordance with the following truth table.

The outlets of the gates are short-circuit proof thanks to the application of a special driver.

Technical Data

Supply voltage UV +24VDC
Power input 20mA plus load
Binary input H +24V; L 0V
Binary output H +24V; L 0V; 10mA, short-circuit-proof
Configuration Europe format 100x160mm, frontplate 4TE 3HE