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Coupling stage (ELSTABE) A5 E89100-B1649-L1 Redesign

Product information

The redesign of the discontinued original E89100-B1649-L1 module is a completely pin compatible and function compatible replacement for the original.

The galvanic isolation between the input and output signals is provided for U1 to U6 via 6 optocouplers CNY65 (with VDE seal).
The separation voltage of the optocoupler is 1500V, hence the lines in the redesign module were improved to provide the maximum possible insulation distances.
The switch contains 6 coupling stages designed for the input levels of nom. 24V DC and output levels of 15V DC in U1 to U5, as well as the coupling stage U6 for input voltage of 24V DC and output voltage of 24V DC.
The coupling stages U1 to U3 can be blocked using AND conditions in the inlets D12, Z2 and B12.
A jumper on the pin header can invert the output signal from U3 to D10 if the input is set to Z26.

Works setting: Connector X2 bridge PIN A-B



Technical data

Outline PCB 100x160mm, frontplate Siemens 3TE
Connector DIN 41612 F48
Signaling 24V: H > 18V, L > 4V; 15V: H > 10V, L < 2V
Potential separation 6 circuits, 3 lockable - 1 circuit invertible
Supply 15V; 24V
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