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Current transformer FL6/D2-3-400A-100mA

Product Information

The redesigned version of the compensation current transformer FL6/D2-3-400A is completely compatible in connection to the original component.

The devices convert (galvanically isolated) direct or alternating current proportionally that is guided through the “eye“ of the transformer into impressed current or respectively into voltage.  

The devices feature a shunt resistor that is parallel-clamped onto terminals J and K if the current output is to be used as voltage output 400A = 10V .

The precision of measurement is better than 1%.
The current transformer is operated with an auxiliary supply of ± 15V DC.

The nominal measuring range of the current transfer is designed to ± 0…400A and provides a proportional output current of  0…100mA.

The supplied shunt resistor is to be measured in such a way so that in the presence of a measuring range of 0...400A, a proportional output voltage of 0...10V will drop at the parallel switched shunt resistor.

If the current transformer is to be used within another measurement range, then the shunt resistor must be adapted accordingly.

Technical Data

Measurement range unswitched 0…± 400A = 0….100mA
Measurement range switched Shunt-resistance 100 ? 0,1% between J/K
0…±400A = 0…10V
Auxiliary supply ± 15V DC 200mA
Precision < 1%
Ambient temp. range - 25…+70°C
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