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Isolating Transducer, analogue

Product Information

The redesign of AW02 module from H&B can use a plug-and-play solution instead of the original module.

The galvanic separation between the inlet-outlet and supply voltage is not provided using a modulator-transmitter and demodulator in the redesign, but using a modern, reliable and monolithic ISO 124P buffer amplifier from Burr Brown.

The module provides galvanic separation and transmission of analog input signals of 0/2…10V or 0/4…20mA to the analog output signal with configured output voltage or output current as defined in the table.

The use of the module allows measurement signals to be decoupled from one another transmitted between subsystems in a control system with varying potential ratios.

The transmitted measuring signals (current or voltage) are then connected to the input amplifier so that a positive or bipolar signal results on the outlet.

The configuration of the inlets for current or voltage as well the outlets use jumpers as defined in the configuration table.

The amplification may also be selected between V=1 or V=10, also using jumpers. Factory setting for the jumper red. (657)

Technical Data

Supply voltage UV 24VDC
Power supply approx. 60mA without load, approx. 110mA with load
Channel 1 measurement channel, galvanic separated
Dividing voltage 500V UE//UA//UV
Accuracy <0,5%
Test jack 2mm ±UA, ±UE, ±IA.R
Delivery status IE 4...20mA // UA 0...10V and IA 0...20mA (657)