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VEW 3SE.429.903.9012.02 / 03 RED

Control module IGBT

Product Information

The redesign of control module for IGBTs from the original manufacturer Siemens is available in 2 different assembly variants, which differ in the slightly different timing of the control of the externally arranged, parallel-connected IGBTs.
The control connections of the IGBTs are supplied via two screwed flat contacts, which are connected to the control module via a pre-assembled, pluggable, 4-pin connection cable.
This connection to the IGBTs, which can be separated using locked plug connectors, has the advantage of being able to exchange the control assembly without having to remove the entire IGBT assembly from the vehicle.
The redesign can be used in place of the original Siemens assembly in a fully electrical and assembly-compatible manner.
The control signals for the control module are fed redundantly to the photo receivers of the module via two LWL1000.
This ensures galvanic isolation on the one hand and high immunity to interference on the other.
The control module also has an active LWL1000 output for feedback from the UCE monitoring of the IGBTs and undervoltage detection.
An active overvoltage protection device is implemented, which can reliably protect the IGBTs from destructive overvoltages from approx. 960V.
The assemblies are supplied with an individual test report and a declaration of conformity in accordance with DIN EN 50155.


Data sheet

Technical data

Supply 24V DC
Power consumption approx. 80mA
Inputs 2 LWL1000, IGBT-control
Outputs 1 LWL1000, UCE and undervoltage detection
2 IGBT-surface contacts
Type open frame, 120 x 85mm, FR4 epoxy, lackered
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