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VEW 7407 RED Isolation ampflifier

Product Information

The isolation amplifier VEW 7407 RED is a fully function terminal- and installation-compatible redesign of the original amplifier by the manufacturer Knick.

The circuit technique complies with the most modern standards with wide range DC-DC-converters for auxiliary power, so that instead of the interconnections for 12V, alternatively 24V, supply of the original device, a universal DC-input was built in, which can be connected to a power supply of 9V up to 36VDC.

The input 0...±120mV (opt. 0...±60mV) is galvanically separated from the outlet  0...±20mA (10V), as well as from the power supply.

The input voltage 0...±120mV is imaged proportionally analogous at the outlet with 0...±20mA (10V 500Ω).

The transmission error is <0,5% of the measured value.

The devices are built into a 100mm circuit board mounting casing for tophat rail mounting.

Each device bears the CE-marking, a serial number and will be delivered with a individual inspection report.

Insulation testing is performed with 5kV.


Technical data

Auxilary power 9...36VDC, 12V or 24VDC
Input 0...±120mV, optional 0...±60mV
Output 0...±20mA, 10V an 500Ohm
Accuracy <0,5%
Linearity <0,1
High isolation voltage input//output >1,5kV (5kV~)
output//auxilary power >60V (750V~)