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VEW-Vereinigte Elektronikwerkstätten GmbH

Since 1980 VEW GmbH has been developing and manufacturing electronic devices, complex systems, as well as measuring and control techniques for the following application areas:

  • Production and process automation
  • Calibrating technology
  • Special machinery and test bench engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Optical measuring technique
  • Re-engineering

On this basis, our long-term business relationships with the aerospace industry, utility companies, public transport sector (ÖPNV), etc. have been thriving.

 In particular utility companies, the chemical industry and ÖPNV use our special know-how in “redesign and re-engineering” to replace original assemblies that are no longer available from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), in a variety of process controls.

The redesigned assemblies can be operated in the existing original system as plug-and-play in substitution of original assemblies and even in combination with them. Thus, they overcome supply bottlenecks with the sustained, long-term, operation of high-quality investment goods.

For our redesigned assemblies, VEW-GmbH offers a 10-year following delivery. On request, we offer mail order service guaranteeing that repairs will be performed within three working days; alternatively, new assemblies will be available from our stock.

All redesigned assemblies will be delivered with an individual test protocol and complete documentation and will meet the highest quality standards.

In particular, with the periodically scheduled revision work in power plants and chemical plants, VEW-GmbH’s redesigned assemblies are manufactured in advance and are readily used when the original assemblies are no longer available.

For the aerospace industry, we develop complex measurement and testing systems for ground testing aerospace components and structural components.

For more than 30 years, VEW-GmbH has participated in all Airbus programmes from the A300 to the A380. Among other things, we have developed configurable multiple-channel capturing systems for measured values, featuring high sampling rates and simultaneous sampling, as well as special optical measurement systems. They are used for high-resolution examination of the topography of reflecting object surfaces, as well as to examine laminar shape fidelity of wings and air deflectors, and to detect hidden defects (delamination) in structural components made of composite materials.


Since 1997, VEW-GmbH has also cooperated with university institutes in collaborative research projects promoted by BMBF (and others) in order to enhance our expertise in developing and manufacturing optical measuring techniques. 

Optical metrology

  • 3D-CAMandStereo-Cam
    Optical measuring systems for the laminar 3D measurement of the topography of non-reflecting objects by means of structured light (stripe projection).

  • Reflectometric Zebra measuring system
    High-resolution (nm) optical measuring system to measure the surface gradient of reflecting objects, e.g. lenses, mirrors or even the body shell of the Airbus A380 (reflectometry).
  • Golden eye
    Schearography – measuring system to detect hidden defects in material structures. The impacts of hidden defects on the object surface are made visible by laser light, by “stressing” the test material through heat or noise.