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Relay module 24V

Product Information

The redesign of the HS01 module from the original equipment manufacturer H&B can be replaced ,, plug-and-play’’ with a compatible module thanks to the redesign of the HS01 RED.

The VEW HS01 RED contains three relays with two potential-free switch contacts (for 30V 1A or 60V 0.1A).

The module galvanically isolates the binary signals or allows for contact multiplications.

Binary signals control the switching processes.


The RL1 and RL2 relays are controlled from an AND gate and an OR gate, see also the basic circuit.

Both relays have separate power supplies and can thus also be secured separately.

With the help of a jumper, various controls can be selected for relay RL3.


Bridge A:

The RL3 control uses a simultaneous connection as with RL1 and RL2. RL3 is then supplied via PIN 24a and RL2.

Delivered as: Bridge 2-3.


Bridge B:

Control of RL3 only via an OR gate.

RL3 can then have a separate power supply.

Bridge 2-1.

Technical Data

Supply voltage UV +24VDC, Pin C26 RL1; Pin 24a for RL2 and RL3; Pin 24c for RL3
Power input 5mA + 35mA/relay
Binary level H = +24V 0,75mA
L = 0V, or open
Output, RL1, RL2, RL3 30V 1A max.; 48V 0,3A max.; 60V 0,1A, per 2pol. Um
Response time 10ms
Confignuation 3HE, 4TE, 100x160mm