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Front plates and grip straps for Siemens modules

  • Frontplates for 3HE 19'' PCB-cards
  • Protection cap for connector

Product Information

The plastic front plates for original Siemens modules as well as original grips tend to break after years in operation due to brittleness in the plastic.

The original parts are available once again.


1) Frontplates for 3HE 19'' PCB-cards (PU = 10 pcs./type)

  3TE (nom. 15mm)       Typ 6XF1006-3KA           B# 9901292
  4TE (nom. 20mm)       Typ 6XF1008-3KA           B# 9901293
  5TE (nom. 25mm)       Typ 6XF1010-3KA           B# 9901294
  6TE (nom. 30mm)       Typ 6XF1012-3KA           B# 9901295
  8TE (nom. 40mm)       Typ 6XF1016-3KK00       B# 9901321
  9TE (nom. 45mm)       Typ 6XF1018-3KK00       B# 9901322
10TE (nom. 50mm)       Typ 6XF1020-3KK00       B# 9901323
12TE (nom. 60mm)       Typ 6XF1024-3KK00       B# 9901325

Other size on request.

We are able to fit the frontplates with holes and engraced symbols by your drawing.


2) Grip strap to that, 2-parts (PU = 10 pcs.)   B# 9900393

3) Backside cover for PCB 100x160mm, PVC  B# 9900VEW

4) Protection cap for connector                         B# 9901VEW

5) Guideway for 19'' rack (PU = 20 pcs.)       Typ  6XB9601        B# 9900355


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