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Control electronic for IBEG step tread 0-0343-135

Product information

The VEW redesign of the step control DCE3-24 (original manufacturer IFE) can be used instead of the original assembly. It is completely connectable, dimensional and functionally compatible, and fits perfect in the specified application. The function is plug-and-play.

The VEW DCE3-24 RED controls by means of combinatorial logic, fail-safe and reliable kinematics of the step tread 0-0343-135 from the manufacturer IBEG.

The specified control unit runs by various setting electronic parameters:

1.) Jumpers for
- Number of attempts to open the door with maximum current monitoring, 1x; 2x ... 5x; unlimited
- Hold-open-time after opening the door to "zero“
- Hold-open-time after door opening, not set to "zero“

2.) Potentiometer adjustment for:
- Door hold-open time Toffen
- Response delay current monitoring TImax
- Maximum current limitation Imax
- door speed T1
- door speed T2

In addition, the control process can be interrupted by safety monitoring:
- Anti-trap protection (when closing)
- Motor overcurrent shutdown

All input signals are displayed via LEDs, as are the system signals motor relay "open" or "close", motor current exceeded, holding request active, system voltage of the control logic.
The system is equipped with a 16 pin connector Phoenix MSTBVA2,5 / 16-G-5,08 equipped, as well as a cover on which all signal LEDs in plain text are labeled. Connection coupling Phoenix: MSTB2,5 / 16-ST-5,08

Sample assemblies available from stock for testing.


Data sheet

Technical data

Supply nom. 24V DC max. 4A
Motor current max. 4A, adjustable
System voltage Control logic 5V, internally
Dimensions HWD: 45x105x160mm
Inputs Logic: 10; L = 24V: 0 = <5V
Outputs Motor voltage, reverse opening/closing. Stop request relay
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