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Fringe Projection System

The VEW 3D-Camera allows for the topographic measurement of object
surfaces by the projection of structured light. 

Product Information

Owing to the extremely compact overall dimensions of W200 x L220 x H140mm and the extreme opening angle > 90° of the lenses, the system is predestined for use in measurement set-ups that are spatially restricted and/ or only allow a small distance to the object under investigation. 

At an object distance of 100 cm, the system can achieve a resolution of 0.1 mm for a measuring field with an edge length of 100 cm thanks to the
large opening angle.

The object distance amounts to a minimum of 20 cm; the maximum distance is 400 cm.

The high-level light output of the integrated projector allows for the rich-in-contrast lighting of a measuring field of 2 x 2m even under problematic conditions.

The distortions of the pattern caused by the topography of the object are detected by the CCD camera and scanned by means of software so that calibrated -X, -Y, -Z - coordinates  are available for every pixel.

Application example:

3D measurement of the pedals in the floor room of a motor vehicle.

As an outcome, a point cloud  with the X-Y-Z  coordinates is available.


A fully automatic calibration unit is available for the system.

Technical Data

Housing Verwindungssteifes Aluminium - Profilgehäuse, Maße: 200 x 220 x140mm
mit Stativhalter / Schnellwechsel-Adapter
Measurement diagonal area 200...1500mm
Resolution Lateral width./.1392 Pixel (optional 1600 depending on camera)
Depth: Width./. 10.000
Projector 12Bit
1024 x 768 Pixel
Interface: DVI
Lightsource: UHP 160W
Objective: F 12,5
Camera 8-Bit greyscale
1392 x 1040 Pixel

1600 x 1200 Pixel
Interface: FireWire
Objective: F 6,5

Different optics can be chosen, depending on the measurement task.