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Synchro/Resolver - Angle measuring device

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Product information

The SWMG/RWMG records the angle position of a connected synchro or resolver, displays the angle with a resolution of 0.1° and makes the measured values available on analog and digital output channels.

The exciting voltage for the angle transmitter can be provided by an internal generator or even looped in externally.
In addition, there is the option of looping an external differential synchro or resolver into the signal path in order to change the measured actual angle by constant value.


A digital converter with 18 bit resolution, wich features an upstream passive synchro/resolver converter, converts the 3 signal voltages that are provided by the angle transmitter into a digital data word depending on the angle.

The data word is outputted without any further processing on a potential isolated parallel interface.
Although at any time a digital word can be read in by the converter.

There is a configurable conversion rate for the measurement devices with wich the data words are processed in a fixed timing code.
Therefore, the conversion rate can be adjusted from 100/sec. to 2500/sec.
At a conversion rate of 2500/sec., a data word is read in by the converter every 400 μsec. and directly outputted on a potential-free parallel port with a strobe signal.
The digital converter is a “tracking converter”, i.e. it delivers the correct angle position as a digital word at all times for a constant angle speed of the signal source.
With the same conversion rate, the angle is standardized to an analog voltage value of 0 to 10V and exported via the analog output.

A subset of the angle data is converted into an ASCII string and made available at the potential-free serial interface.
A reduced data amount is depicted on the display with a refresh rate up 10/sec.


Data sheet

Technical data

Supply 230V AC, 10 VA
Input SWMG - Synchro, RWMG - Resolver
Output analog: +/-0...10V; res. 16 Bit, accuracy
0,02% digital: V.24; parallel 16 Bit (Strobe)
Display 0...359,99° (LCD 12,5mm)
Excitation TBD
Dimension 19” - 3HE - 21TE - rack mount