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VEW Position sensor S2 RED

  • Position sensor S2

Product information

The redesign of the position sensor S2 is completely compatible  in function and design to the original module from the manufacturer Schoppe & Faeser.


The original module thus has a "plug-and-play” replacement in the redesign, with no changes required to the system.

The position sensor along with a drive and a drive control module PE01 Redesign provide continuous 
control and feedback of the actual position of the drive so that continuous proportional drive positioning is possible based on the desired position.
The position sensors deliver an analogue current signal of 4...20mA in proportion to the rotation angle of the axle.
The rotation movement of the carrier is converted in a linear movement using a self-adjusting mechanism, which is connected to a LVDT.
The LVDT is a high-resolution differential transformer, which generates an analogue signal in proportion to the linear movement.
The LVDT signal is conditioned and scaled corresponding to the default angle range on the rotation axis so that the current of 4...20mA is drawn from the power supply over an angle of 40°...320°. The current creates a voltage drop of 2…10V on a 500 Ohm shunt in the supply voltage lead proportional to the rotation angle of the carrier.

The Position Sensor S2 is also available with two options:

Option 1

S:2+4K 4 microswitches that sense the contours of 4 cam wheels on the shaft. Depending on the setting and angle of rotation of the shaft, a potential-free
contact is closed at the microswitches, which is available at terminal strip X1.
The cam wheels or the switching position of the microswitches can be easily adjusted by the user, according to requirements.

Option 2A; 2B:
Heating of the entire structure via terminal X2 to prevent condensation in the event of temperature changes and
high humidity

The heating power is approx. 7,5W.
The heating resistor R can be used for 24VDC (opt. 2A) or 230VAC (opt. 2B).

Order example: S2+4K +2B (S2+4 microswitches and 230VAC heating, 7,5W



Technical data

Position sensor S2  
Supply voltage 2-wire, 24V DC nom.
Output 4...20mA, Shunt < 500Ohm/2...10V
Range FS appr. 40° to 120°
Direction Changeable by bridge contactor
Diameter 90mm
Flange mounting 70mm
Height 32mm
Speed reduction 4:1; 10:1; opt. other
Inside Wheel set
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