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IFZ-BUS sender- and receiving unit

Product description

The original module 10LU11 by the manufacturer Bombardier can be replaced via „plug and play“ by a fully measure-, pin- and function-compatible Redesign.The module VEW 10LU11 RED is applicable as a sender- and receiving unit for the IFZ-bus in the network of the IC-V-computer system MICAS-C. The sender unit issues a ±24V with clock-controlled alternating polarity at the IFZ-bus output. The short-circuit system will be limited to maximal 2,4A with positive and to -3A with negative IFZ-bus signal.The received IFZ-bus signal is amplified and commutated to the internal current analysis. This issues the signals at the base header with TT-level with a maximal delay of 25ms.An internal short-circuit monitoring deactivates the sender unit after 110ms in case of excessive current spikes on the IFZ-bus.A test receptacle offers the possibility to simulate short circuits to test the function of the short-circuit system monitoring.Alternatively, the integrated watchdog function can be switched on. This issues, via an input on the basis access, clock-controlled, timed intervals of the excess current simulation.The 5V-logic and the ±24V IFZ-bus deactivation are  electrically isolated by optocouplers.The circuitry of the original module has been fully revised without changing the functionality.Obsolete components have been replaced by commercially available components of the same function.The mixed instrumentation of the original PCB with SMD and leaded modules has been rearranged to a single-sided instrumentation with leaded modules.The performance drivers of the IFZ-bus have an enlarged cooling surface.Samples available ex stock.



Technical data

Input voltage ±24V DC front port; 5V DC base pin strip 41612F
,,quasi'' analog inputs IFZ-Bus maximal ±1,3 ... 2,4A
Binary inputs IFZ-Takt for Watchdog 5V
Trigger for Watchdog 5V
Release for Watchdog 5V
3x external noise 5V
selftest 5V
  short circuit feedback 5V
Binary outputs Signal evaluation 5V
negated signal evaluation 5V
disorderevaluation 5V
Watchdog active 5V
IFZ-Tact inverted 5V
H01 15mA LED out, -24V, RV on PCB
H03 15mA LED out, -12V, RV on PCB
H04 15mA LED out, -12V, RV on PCB
IFZ-Bus-outputs IFZ-Bus ±24V DC
„Signalamplification“ ±12V DC