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Switch-on aid trolley control

Product Information

The redesign of the switch-on aid for trolley controls 6FH6023 is plug and play compatible and can be used instead of the original Siemens modules.
The module is built in the European format 100x160mm, with a width of 33.5mm and has a basic connector with mixed equipment for control signals and high-current male-contacts according to
DIN 41612 H7F24.
The front connector is designed according to DIN 41612 H15, with high-current male-contacts and connector locking and coding.
The module can optionally be modified for different applications with regard to the switch-on and switch-off delay and the coding.
The current carrying capacity of the power path is max. 25A, but is fused with 15A as standard.
Components for reverse polarity protection, transient protection and overvoltage are implemented in the power path.

Function description:
The switch-on aid is used to properly switch the trolley control on and off.
With the active switch-on command RESIN, the switch-on contactor is controlled externally or internally with a time delay. The 24V battery voltage is above a 15A (up to 25A) input fuse with downstream reverse polarity protection and intrusion suppression choke back-up capacitor on the power supply modules. (DC/DC E44010-A5700-xx)
The switch-on command is only effective if all power supply modules (DC/DC converters) are fully inserted in the rack, as otherwise the "M loop" of the plug monitoring is not closed and the contactor does not pick up.
The activation of the switch-on contactor is delayed and creates internal enables
- for the power supply of the power relays
- for the release of the pulse amplifier
- and for the "L-RESIN" signal for the process start-up.
The switch-on delay can optionally be adjusted according to the requirements.
In this way, the switch-on aid prevents undefined switch-on and switch-off states.
Process errors, pulse errors and faulty contactor controls are reliably prevented.
The switch-on aid is delivered with a switch-on delay of approx. 130ms and a 15A fuse as standard. Optionally, the switch-on delay can be adapted to the ramp-up time of the DC/DC converter, as well as the fuse protection to 25A.

The DC/DC converters of the series E44010-A5700-L02; -L04; -L05; -L06; L08; -L09 are also plug-and-play compatible as a redesign, as a replacement for the original assemblies.
Others in development.


Data sheet



Technical data

Input voltage nom. 24V DC, nom. 5V DC, nom. 15V DC
Performance group max. 25A, by default 15A
Switch-on delay RESIN approx. 130ms; optionally other
Switch-off delay ca. 1,15ms, optionally other
Construction European format 100x160mm, width 33,5, plug DIN 41612 H15, as well H15 F24; heat sink, removable, front jacks 4mm UB
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