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VEW PE01 RED Single Phase - Power Electronic

Continuous control of S&F - Drives

Product Information

The redesign of the PE01 module takes the form of a 3HE 28TE 19” insert which is fully dimensionally compatible and functionally compatible with the original module from the manufacturer H&B.

The original module thus has a "plug-and-play” replacement in the redesign, with no changes required to the system.

The PE01 Red module is used to control the two-phase motors from S & F lever and linear actuators.

Working in tandem with position indicator S4 Red (also available as redesign), the continuous positioning of the drive in automated mode is implemented with a regulated phase controlled modulator using triacs, which have a special switching technology to control motors with power ranging from as little as 5W to a maximum of 240 W.

The insert has an integrated phase modifier – capacitor which can be replaced with such that have a different capacity depending on the power of the motor.

The control ensure a torque of the motor which is proportional to the deviation even in the event of slight deviations in position.

The electronics act as a position controller with P-characteristics, which means the position of the motorized actuator changes proportional to value in the PE01 upstream controller.

The position sensor S4 (Red.) is used for feedback as to the position of the motorized actuator, which generates and analogue signal proportional to the position of the actuator 0/4...20mA and/or 0/2,5...12,5V for PE01.

PE01 is responsible for the short-circuit-secured supply voltage to the position indicator.

The integrated error message device on PE01 serves to monitor and control all functions along with the manual-automatic switch with the block, release and command entries.

The inputs are locked against implausible entries.

Extensive documentation and sample devices are available immediately.



Technical Data

Dimensions 19” 3HE 28TE rack for DIN 41494
Color Front plate RAL 7044 or Alu natural anodized
Supply 230V AC +- 15%, max. 300VA
Compatible H&B* / ABB* Contronic* PE01 Motor Module
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