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VEW PMC20-24IFZ RED Door control

Product description

The door controls VEW PMC20-24IFZ RED are a ,,plug and play'' compatible redesign of the original modules of manufacturer IFE.

They control the spindle's drive unit of double-leaf swing-/sliding gates of city railcars in dependence to binary signals from the area of the door (limit switch, door position encoder, etc.), the passenger compartment (door button) and the central car control by the IFZ-Bus.
The door controls consist of a processor-controlled logic (with 80C537) to process the control functions, the current-limiting performance electronics with relay output for operating the E-drive as well as 8
binary outputs with short-circuit-proof MOSFETs.
The control logic can basically be programmed as desired, but will usually be operated in the application with the software of the original drive installed in EPRPOM. All binary conditions of the inputs and outputs are indicated by LEDs.
By utilisation of the software specific to the system in a free EPROM socket, control requirements, which exist through different applications, can be implemented.
The modules will be delivered without EPROM and will be equipped with the existing original software by the user. A buffered CMOS-RAM is used for data storage, so a controlled restart after a power failure is ensured.
On the model there is a spring contact strip for fixture of the module 12PB01 of the traction guidance system MICAS.

The modules VEW 12PB01 RED are a plug-and-play compatible redesign of  the original module of manufacturer Kiepe. It serves the potential-free conversion of 10 binary input- and output signals each, between the peripheral area and the IFZ-Bus.

The module carries an address setting with an 8-pole DIL-switch and is controllable according to the adjusted address.
The Redesign will be delivered without the serial gateway converter ABB 6034.1 (ASIC).
The existing original ASIC-modules have to be inserted and used by the user on two 24-pole precision contact sockets.

Data sheet


Also available: Door control VEW PMC10/20 RED

Technical data

Power supply 24VDC ±30%
Sepf-consumption of the control 150-300mA
Max. motor current 20A, short-circuit-protection
Binary input 16; com 0V; with LE
Input current 10mA at 24VDC
Binary output 8; high-side-FET; with LED-Anzeige
Output load 1,5A; short-circuit-protection
Relays 4; high overload relay 30/40A
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